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Andrew Lalchan

Welcome to Andrew Lalchan’s Medium page — Updated June 2021.

Andrew Lalchan | Source: Andrew Lalchan


I run a digital agency in the UK for the last 24 years. Building websites starting from the beginning of the internet to what we see today. Through all the ups and downs and multitude of changes.

Also for the last 15 years, I am a professional photographer shooting events, news, fashion, night photography. Photography is my relaxation, my passion, my excitement.

During the last five years, I have been running photography events/ workshops on astrophotography, light painting, model photography, nature walks, falconry amongst many others. This will likely grow in 2021 into 2022 as the pandemic hopefully recedes.


An amazing fashion show took place at the Victoria & Albert Museum on the 1st November 2019 by Guo Pei. This was Guo Pei’s first catwalk show in the UK, held as part of Fashion in Motion.

Guo Pei catwalk at the V&A | Source: Andrew Lalchan

Fashion In Motion is celebrating its 20th anniversary and took place in the Raphael Gallery at the museum that previously featured Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Yohji Yamamoto. The models wore various pieces from Guo Pei’s alternative universe couture collection. The clothing is stunning with all the intricate detail of the embroidery stitching on show.

Guo Pei is one of China’s most renowned fashion designers. She dresses royalty, celebrities and fashion icons for the last 20 years. Showcasing traditional Chinese craftsmanship while incorporating contemporary innovation. Her designs take inspiration from myths, legends, religious, architecture and cultural heritage.

A recent report shows the extent to which Covid has plummeted the visitor numbers in 2020. It's a good time to visit for locals.

Kew Gardens, 7th most visited attraction in 2020 | Source: Andrew Lalchan

What a year 2020 was, visitor numbers were down 66%! These are the stark figures from the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA). Some outdoor places like Kew Gardens jumped up into the top 10 as the lockdown got tougher.

But this wasn’t the case everywhere as Wales & Scotland have different lockdown criteria.

The big factor that has reduced the numbers is tourists from other countries. Some of the attractions were open last summer and early autumn but you can see them down a lot. …

Latest update on the historical flight of Ingenuity the first on another planet.

Shadow of Ingenuity on historic first flight | Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech

It has happened the helicopter has flown on the red planet, the first-ever powered flight outside Earth! This is the Wright brothers moment when powered flight occurred on Earth. NASA held a live event at 6.15am (EDT) to announce the news to the world.

The successful news came back at 6.51am (EDT) with the telemetry data showing that the 1.8Kg helicopter had risen off the surface. Next came a black and white image from the navigation camera which showed the shadow of the helicopter below.

Then came a video from Perseverance showing the takeoff, hovering and landing of the helicopter…

The Mars helicopter will have its maiden flight after the 18th of April. Find out more about the helicopter and what will happen on the day.

Ingenuity on Mars | Source: NASA

Perseverance the mars rover has dropped Ingenuity onto the surface of Mars. Ingenuity is a helicopter and will be ready for its Maiden flight on Mars as soon as tests have been completed.

Ingenuity had gone through testing its rotor blades and everything was looking good. But an issue with a timer caused the test to shut down early. Sunday 11th April flight has been put back to no earlier than the 18th of April. This gives NASA some time to look at what caused the problem. There doesn’t seem to be an issue with any of the hardware as…

Round up of the weather in the UK and around the world.

After the cold of February, March was a slow burner, it got warmer. Easterly winds from the continent resulted in a cool start to the month in the UK. It ended up with a pulse of warm air from Africa. This enabled the 2nd highest temperature recorded in the UK during March at Kew Gardens. With 24.5c this was the highest since 1968!

Daffodils in Cassiobury Park, Watford | Source: Andrew Lalchan

UK Stats

The Central England Temperature (CET*) came out above average by 1.5c it finished at 7.2c. The brief cold spell at the beginning of the month cancelled out by the warmth at the end. …

It’s been 800 years since the last eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula in SW Iceland. The latest updates are below.

Lava is flowing a lot more now | Source:

The eruption has begun at Fagradalsfjall this evening (8.45pm, 19th March) and has erupted in the middle of the magma chamber as shown on the map below. The fissure is 700m long and is sending the lava 100m into the air. The lava fountains are small and it is away from any populated areas.

This article will be updated with the latest from the volcano each day until it dies down. Scroll down for the individual days.

You can view the eruption here on RUV, Iceland's local broadcaster.

To celebrate the invention and the life of the inventor Lou Ottens. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about cassette tapes. Especially for young people who haven’t even heard of them.

Cassette tapes from the 90s | Source: Andrew Lalchan

Lou Ottens died aged 94 on the 11th March 2021 he was the inventor of the cassette tape. Working for Phillips as an engineer he invented the cassette in September 1963. He wanted to solve the problem of carrying the bigger reels around as they were too cumbersome. He wanted it to be able to fit in his shirt pocket.

Later on, he also helped develop the CD in the 80s.

Here are some facts about cassettes that you might not know about.

  • Cassettes had lots of names back in their heyday. Some of the most popular names were music…

Its census day on Sunday 21st March 2021 where everyone has to fill in their forms either online or the paper form to record the statistics of the UK. If you want to declare yourself European please read.

Census 2021 | Source: Andrew Lalchan

For non Brexiteers this your opportunity to do a silent protest. When the question comes up for nationality, tick other and type European.

Declaring yourself European in the census is legal just follow the steps below.

Earthquakes have been building to the south-west of Iceland over the last couple of weeks and magma is close to the surface. Will, a new volcano be born in the next few days! Watch this space.

Photo by Benjamin Rascoe on Unsplash

Since midnight on the 11th March, there have been around 1700 earthquakes, and over the last couple of weeks, 18,000+, something is happening below the surface.

Volcanoes in SW Iceland have been dormant for the last 800 years will this be the year when they rise from their slumber. The activity is centred around the area of Mount Fagradalsfjall. You can watch a live cam on the YouTube link below. There seems to be a lake that has melted recently, maybe the magma is below and will let off steam soon.

Any updates will be added to the bottom of…

Andrew Lalchan

Run a Digital Design Agency for the last 25 years / 15 years professional photographer. Write about Weather, Space, Web Design, Fashion, Music & Photography.

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