2022 A Photography Year in Review

2022 was the year when a semblance of normality returned. After the lockdown years, events came back. It was my most productive year, with over 60,000+ photos shot. Over 300 events visited/invited to.

Andrew Lalchan
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Review of 2022 | Source: Andrew Lalchan

It was the year of the Queen’s death, her Platinum Jubilee. Other events include the war in Ukraine, political upheaval in the UK, Cost of living protests, and the return of live fashion shows at London Fashion Week.

A bit about myself, I am a photojournalist covering many events around London. I usually photograph the arts, fashion shows, and politics. But I do a wide variety of events as I pick and choose what I cover for News Agencies. I mainly shoot for Alamy News.

My favourite event this year was the Queens Platinum Jubilee and the Chelsea Flower Show; this was the first time I got invited.

Over social media, this was my most viewed year, with over 3.5 million views! Which, in turn, was my most lucrative year of photography.

Below I will review each month briefly with a link to the photos or article in the text. This has taken weeks to compile; I didn't realise how many photographs I had taken and forgot that I had taken. I hope you enjoy my photography. I have some on sale on my website in the next few weeks. I also realised I might have plenty of content for a book. So watch this space!


This was a tranquil start to the year. One of the three events that I shot was the Battersea Light Festival. Various light installations were at different locations around the Battersea Power Station, which was the year that all the work was finished to restore the area. I also photographed the Fashion Flash mob by Pierre Garroudi, and I had my first light painting workshop of the year in Cassiobury Park, Watford.

Photos: 394

Battersea Light Festival | Source: Andrew Lalchan



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