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Welcome to Andrew Lalchan’s Medium page — Updated April 2021.

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I run a digital agency in the UK for the last 24 years. Building websites starting from the beginning of the internet to what we see today. Through all the ups and downs and multitude of changes.

Also for the last 15 years, I am a professional photographer shooting events, news, fashion, night photography. Photography is my relaxation, my passion, my excitement.

During the last five years, I have been running photography events/ workshops on astrophotography, light painting, nature walks, falconry amongst many others. This will likely grow in 2021 into 2022 as the pandemic hopefully recedes.

You will find articles on stuff that I am interested in, which includes the knowledge I have built up during the many years of running my business.

One positive from the pandemic is that I have had more time to refocus on the next 10 years and build up my passive income. When everything goes back to “normal” my main aim is to free up more of my time as I had during the lockdown.

I enjoy writing articles to inform and to be helpful to others, passing on all that I have learnt over the years. I first heard of Medium in December 2020 from the fantastic YouTube channel of Shelby Church. She mentioned that she had made a lot of money on one article on Medium. This was the catalyst for me to join Medium and see what I can do there. Creating my own journey. Let's see how it goes!

Another positive from lockdown is that I spent more time gardening, growing food and making nature flourish. Sitting out watching the clouds move across the sky, not having to rush anywhere, relaxing enjoying the moment. You will probably see a few articles on gardening in the not too distant future.

You will find articles on:

  • Science / Space
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Weather
  • Gardening
  • Photography
  • Website design, websites development, programming, Internet Marketing, SEO

Run a Digital Design Agency for the last 25 years / 15 years professional photographer. Write about Weather, Space, Web Design, Fashion, Music & Photography.

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