Another Volcanic Eruption In Iceland

At 4.40 pm on 10th July, another eruption occurred in Iceland on the Reykjanes Peninsula.

Andrew Lalchan
3 min readJul 11


The eruption started at Litli-Hrútur | Source: IcelandPV

The eruption commenced after five days of earthquakes and a big one of 5.2 on the Richter scale 24 hours ago. Located in the same area as the last two eruptions in the previous three years, the eruption occurred at Litli-Hrútur.

The fissure is estimated to be near a kilometre long at 10 pm GMT and much larger than the previous eruption, as you can see from the screengrabs below. An amazing Youtuber managed to fly a drone from a mountain close by. Flying through fog and smoke, he got some amazing live video streams. You can check it out in the video below. He hopes to be back there every day this week. Looks like I may have to sort out my passport, Is anyone else interested in going to Iceland from the UK?

You can also watch the live streams from fixed cameras here.

From the screengrabs below, you can see how it has grown in a couple of hours this evening. The lava has rapidly consumed the moss setting it on fire.

burning moss | Source: IcelandPV
I counted around nine fissures | Source: IcelandPV
In a couple of hours, it has doubled the spread | Source: IcelandPV



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