Census Day — Declare European

Its census day on Sunday 21st March 2021 where everyone has to fill in their forms either online or the paper form to record the statistics of the UK. If you want to declare yourself European please read.

For non Brexiteers this your opportunity to do a silent protest. When the question comes up for nationality, tick other and type European.

Declaring yourself European in the census is legal just follow the steps below.

What is the census?

It is a survey which is carried out every decade in the United Kingdom. This year it's being carried out in the midst of a pandemic so it will mostly be online. It is a legal requirement for every household in the country to fill it in.

Which date is the census?

21st March 2021 is census day in England, Wales & Northern Ireland. In Scotland, it takes place in 2022 because of the virus.

Why is it carried out?

Knowing how many people are in the country and living in various parts is important for statisticians and for providing services. It builds a better picture of the community.

Who needs to fill it in?

Everyone has to complete the census as it is compulsory, it could lead to a fine and a criminal record if not completed.

When was the first census in the UK?

The first official census took place in 1801 but there was some kind of census as early as 1086 as recorded in the Doomsday Book. There was also one mention in the Hundred Rolls of 1279.

Who sees the data?

The information recorded in the census is anonymous but full information will become available after 100 years. So no need to worry about what you fill in, it just needs to be accurate.

Was there a year when the census didn’t take place?

The only time the census didn’t take place was in 1941 during the 2nd World War. Unfortunately, the census in 1931 was destroyed by fire, all information was lost.

Thanks for reading, happy census day if you are in the UK.

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