Perseverance Martian landing — Sol 1

After launching on 30th July 2020 at Cape Canaveral, Flordia and travelling 300 million miles at a speed of 24,600 miles per hour, Perseverance successfully landed on Mars on the 18th February 2021.

It's the first day on Mars for the rover, days on mars are called Sol. It takes 24 hours 39 minutes and 35 seconds for mars to have one spin on its axis.

Perseverance NASA’s rover took its first image when it landed. It was taken from the Hazard Avoidance Camera’s it still has the camera covers on.

Front Left Hazard Avoidance Camera (Hazcam) | Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The high-resolution images will be sent down later when more bandwidth is available. The rover is sending data back through its UHF antenna initially until its high-speed data connection is up. This will send the data directly to Earth at the moment the UHF is sending data via the orbiters that circle Mars.

The rover will spend most of the day checking all its devices are operating normally.

Looking down at Perseverance | Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech

This amazing image was taken from the sky crane whilst the rover was 2 meters from the ground, the dust in the background was blown into the air by the thrusters in the sky crane. The image is from a video and hopefully, the full video will be downloaded by Monday.

The next image is a high-resolution image from the HAZCAM’s taken from under the rover.

View from under the rover | Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech

At the latest press conference, they mentioned that a 360-degree video was taken during the landing. There should be some impressive footage and looks like they will be providing the raw images so will hopefully be able to stitch them together to make a video.

Let me know if you are feeling excited about the science mission of the Perseverance rover as it travels across the crater. Leave a comment below, I will be updating this blog post as more information is uploaded. I will be writing a post each day for the first week after the landing and then once a week.

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